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Rules of presentation of articles to be published in the Journal «Dairy and Beef Cattle Farming»

Dear readers and authors!

Pursuant to the provisions of the Higher Attestation Commission of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation and considering that the Journal has been included in the Russian Science Citation Index (RSCI), please, find below the requirements to research articles to be published in our edition as the main results of doctoral and candidate theses: 

The material for publication shall be original and not published before in other editions.

Article shall be presented to the editorial office by e-mail. 

Please, indicate the family name of the first author in the subject field of the e-mail, for example: article of Ivanov et al. 

Text of the article, drawings, photos and the covering letter shall be sent all at the same time. 

Covering letter is an integral part of a research article, it shall be duly drawn up on the letter head of an institute or an organization recommending your article for publication and signed by the head or deputy head of the institute/organization with outgoing details. The letter shall include the article title and names of authors.

Volume of the article shall not exceed 7—8 pages, including the abstract (no less than 200 words), key words and references. Font shall be Times New Roman Cyr, 14 pt, line spacing shall be set at 1.5. 

Drawings shall be presented in *.eps format or *.tif format, resolution no less than 200 dpi, photos shall be presented in *.tif format, resolution no less than 300 dpi.

All pictures shall be enclosed with captions /legends.

The structure of the article shall be the following:

  1. UDC.
  2. Title.
  3. First name, second name, family name, academic degree, academic title, place of employment of the author.
  4. Abstract (up to 1/3 page) — summary of the article.
  5. Key words (5-10 words).
  6. Body of the article’s text. Please, observe the following pattern: review of literature, objectives, methods, results and conclusions. 
  7. Reference list shall be placed after the article and references to sources shall be given in the text as mentioned (first domestic authors then foreign authors). The reference list shall include only referenced sources.
  8. Full names of authors in English.
  9. Title in English.
  10. Abstract in English (in italics).
  11. Key words in English. The translation shall be professional and not machine-aided! 
  12. Contact information (telephone or e-mail) and authors’ signatures. 

Procedure of manuscript reviewing

When preparing material for publication the editorial staff will first evaluate whether the received manuscript fits the remit of the Journal and complies with the rules of presentation of scientific articles for publication in the Journal (availability of a covering letter, an abstract and keywords with the translation into English, a bibliography, tables, diagrams and figures).

Afterwards the manuscript is registered and sent for reviewing to a leading scientist in the field or branch with which the article deals. The reviewing is anonymous. The Head Editor shall choose members of the Editorial Board and other scientists as reviewers, shall make its own evaluation of the received material and once a review is received shall take a decision on the publication of a particular material. Upon a positive review, the author is informed that the article has been accepted for publication. 

In the case the review includes objections to the content of the manuscript, the latter shall be returned to the authors with the request to refine the article in agreement with the objections of the reviewer or provide a substantiated written response to the reviewer. 

The Head Editor shall take the decision to refuse the publication of an article if the manuscript does not fit the remit of the Journal, the plagiarism has been detected or a negative review has been received. In some cases of negative review the article can be sent once again for reviewing to another specialist or a member of the Editorial Board and the possibility of its publication can be considered at the meeting of the Editorial Board. The consideration of the manuscript and the decision on the publication or the return of the manuscript with a motivated refusal shall not exceed 1.5 month from the date of reception of the article by the editorial office.

Reviews shall be kept in the editorial office for at least 5 years and upon a corresponding request their copies shall be sent to the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation.

Head Editor, Belova L.G., PhD. In Agriculture


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